5 or 6 different great white sharks on the same dive was enough to have us all excited! Guadalupe. September 24, 2012

How was your dive day  at Guadalupe Island?
Das Tauchen hat mir viel spass gemacht.Ich konnte gute Filmaufnahmen machen.
Phsyco Shark was the best part of this 4 days, she is just an amazing shark to watch, she is wild and she is not afrid of any other shark eventhoug she is not a big shark she most be 10ft. Great day at Guadalupe. We are on our way to San benitos now for some kelp diving!!  Harborseals her we go. Joel IHO
5 or 6 diferent great white sharks on the same dive was just enough to have us all excited, I have notice that every trip is just diferent sharkwise, there are some trips that the sharks are super active and just all over the place, but this trip been the first day of the trip we have amount and quality, we had so many diferent sharks and they where super active, 2 very young females and the rest were big males!!   Cant have enough of Guadalupe and like Mauricion says the best place in the world for the white sharks. Joel IHO  DM
It was amazing! Seeing a great white shark up close and personal is like no other experience in the world. They are so powerful, and majestic and I could feel their incredible energy. God is amazing to create such a wonderful creation. Kevin THEDUDE
Back to Guadalupe is like feel the adrenaline running into the body and awake all the senses because be next to the whites and catch encounters so close is a lifetime experience, plus share all this with other persons is a great vibes, thanks to nautilus explorer and Mexico‚s nature!!
J.J.  DM

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I am jhonatan Castro, Isla Natividad (jhonny) I was at Guadalupe Island in July and do not look unlucky shark. I am a dive master, Nativity here in hot water is in this season. it good to have a great experience for gordon guadalupe.saludos good captain. resivir expect an invitation in the future for an expedition.

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