Captains Log – balmy water temp 25C or 78F. Guadalupe. September 30, 2012.

Captains Log   –   balmy water temp 25C or 78F
Well this trip is quickly drawing to a close. We had four wonderful days of cage diving with the Great White Sharks at Guadalupe, before we left for three days of scuba diving in the central Baja California near Cedros and San Benito Islands. We were surprised during our stay at both San Benito and Cedros the water temp was a balmy 25C. We had been expecting 20-21 C. The kelp beds and all the life in them were great but yesterday was the show stopper for most of our guests during the scuba portion of this trip. We anchored close to shore, near a pinneped haulout at Cedros and the divers entered the water, then swam over closer and then waited for the stars of the show to arrive. Arrive they did all day long, sometimes having 10,20, 30 sea lions buzzing around, stopping for a look, the weather was perfect no wind, calm seas and bright brilliant sun. Even some of the big elephant seals got into the game. We have travelled overnight north to the island of San Martin near the baja coast about 1/2 way back to Ensenada for our last day of diving this trip.  I suspect however that the performance yesterday will be hard pressed to repeated here.
Once I finish here tomorrow, I go directly to Northern Vancouver Island in British Columbia to start the fall season diving in Port Hardy from the Nautilus Swell. So will keep you posted from the north country for the next couple of months before I return to the Nautilus Explorer in early December.  Happy diving to you all and be safe out there!
Al Spilde Captain
Diving with seals in their natural habitat was an experience that I will never forget. Thank you to the crew on the Nautilus Explorer for making this experience possible! HR
Today was an amazing day ˆ swimming with the seals and seeing how they play and interact was awesome!!  The sea was calm and we were diving very shallow, and the pups were just all around us.  Thank you for an amzing day!!

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