First day with the whiteys was s**t hot! (*note from Captain Mike : in the interest of social media integrity, I felt it improper to change this comment!!*) Guadalupe. October 1, 2012.

It‚s a long way to travel from the UK and the question is. Is it worth it? Well after today the answer is absolutely. Eight cage dives with a total of over 5hrs in the water and plenty of Great White Sharks up close and very personal. At one stage I had four sharks in view and these sharks are big and look so graceful. Just a little message for James and Pamela, who unfortunately had to cancel the trip at the last moment. When you can get it booked you will not regret it.
Terry Hooper, Manchester, UK.
Amazing and humbling experience!  Saw at least 3 great white sharks, all casually swimming in circles and lazy eights about the cage.  Experienced several very up close views of their eyes, menacing teeth, and body scars.  So graceful, so elegant and not a wasted move. They just fade away into the blue waters and then just magically re-appear again.  Curious.  I have no fear at all, but a tremendous respect.  I feel like I‚m in the middle of a nature documentary and loving it.  Yesterday we saw a sea lion playing, teasing the shark.  Swimming and darting around the back end of the shark like a puppy egging on an older dog to play.  Not something you see every day or even think possible.  Having a wonderful time on board the Nautilus!  Captain and entire crew, divemasters, are very friendly, helpful, and work incredibly hard to make this experience even more memorable!  Thank you all so very much!!
Deborah Cheek

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