My name is tim, I had the most rock bottom expectations of this Guadalupe Island trip. Guadalupe. October 7th, 2012.

Since I was going to Vernon, tx for a week every spring break in texas.we had to wrangle certain samples of drapery and wall papper. Now wait what was I just talking about, anywho, we all get tired and exhausted about being promised this and that and ‘thrill of life time roller coaster to marital bliss fix up plus bears. ‘ This is that trip realized I believed. Take your friends and family and potential spouse and anybody else you think is a total fraud and you make them get in that cage. It forms opinions and bonds instantly or you realize who should work in the mailroom.  Guadalupe Island great white shark diving is a great trip in every sense of the phrase . the staff is a blast and truly dedicated to the cause of showing great white sharks and need to be protected because they give us a reason to live……….

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