9 new great white sharks at Guadalupe Island

We are approximately an hour away from Ensenada.  Yes, it does seem like a very long trip for a few days of diving however, I would do it again!  Even one more day added to this trip would be more appealing.  The ship, crew, dive master and his crew, 11 in total on this trip really made our experience very nice. The visibility is better than anywhere else for photographing the white sharks in their natural habitat.  The good news is according to Mauricio Hoyes -the resident scientist, says that the shark population here that he tags, follows and cares for is growing.  He counted 9 new great white sharks. His lecture was particularly intriguing. His dedication beyond the call! DO continue to check out the web site: NautilusExplorer.com in full since you are already on it You cannot go wrong on this wondership.  I have not seen the Nautilus Swell, the newest member of the family but I’m sure she lives up to the fine reputation the owner Mike and his staff already enjoy  Best Fishes, Lyn Fairly

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