If everyone in the world could see a great white shark like we did…

Today started out with a bang. The three large female sharks were very aggressive today chasing each other away, which created excitement for all the divers. The staff on the Nautilus Explorer were as awesome as ever, and the food was excellent. If you go hungry on this liveaboard, it’s your own fault.



Wow what an amazing trip! So sad to leave after three fantastic days of diving. I had done the cage diving in South Africa but it does not even compare to Guadelupe. We were lucky to see a breaching white shark from underwater and the power of that white belly splashing back down. The final dive of the trip was no less exciting with three large female sharks surrounding the cages. I knew something was up when our divemaster said: “I don’t recommend you get on top of this cage for this last dive.”  Thanks to the staff at Nautilus Explorer, you guys and gals are the best. Hope to be able to come back again.



This is a trip everyone should take in their lifetime at least once. Seeing an apex predator in its natural environment is beyond words; almost feels like a dream. We saw at least one white shark on every dive, and they put on quite a show. Bumping/biting cages, thrashing at the surface and getting everyone wet, nom noming on the airlines, and a full breach! If everyone in the world could see a white shark like we did on this trip, I think they would have a lot more respect for this predator. The food, service, and attention to details on this ship by the staff was excellent, and I would daresay it’s the best I’ve ever experienced. Apenas baje tuve suerte de ver cuatro White sharks, uno se acercó bastante a la jaula y pude apreciarlo muy de cerca.  Estoy fascinada con estos animales tan espectaculares!

–Becky de Bolton Panama

Seeing a seal swim around with two great whites is an unforgettable moment! Thanks to Great White Adventures I got to experience that. All the animals here are breathtaking and majestic in their own way.

–J Xoxx Lauren, Texas

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