Saw more sperm whales. about 20 of them logging on the surface. WOW!! – Guadalupe October 13, 2012

Just a sweet and nice early morning as we left the dock in Ensenada 4 days ago to start this Great White expedition. Just a little foggy and as we headed out there was a line straight across where the fog just disappeared. Just after that the sun started to rise over Ensenada and watching the thick fog melt slowly. While that was happening a bird gathering was on the horizon same direction where we were heading: guess what a huge pod of dolphin following a huge bait ball as they heard the boat they started to jump and flip and showing off in front of the boat. That was a bright and early sighting and excitement for the morning. As we started our briefing and show for the day just we were about to do the second briefing we saw a pod of sperm whales I would say about 20 plus just breeching and blowing and just staying on the surface we had to slow down and take pictures and enjoy the sighting that is a BIG WOW we hang with the whales about half hour but we had to leave them beh ind cause we were on a mission to accomplish with the jaws. Well we started the first morning and so said so happen the sharks were like welcome back. The first day we saw 4 and all day the second day it just got better and the third day we save the best for the last as we had 4 females just look like if they just got to Guadalupe of their journey. Just had a show of a life time what more can I say is just that you have to do it for yourself. Anyway I will keep you posted. Diving conditions: visibility 120ft+, water temp 22C Surface conditions: sunny and warm, air temp 27C, strong winds on the last day of diving DM Juan the Only One

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