3 days of filming Imax movie great white sharks in 3D. Fantastic crew, brilliant service and wonderful great white sharks. (Note from Captain Mike, we can't WAIT to see the IMAX movie).

This is my first time out to Guadalupe and it was an unforgettable experience, the weather was perfect and the sharks showed up in big numbers and big bodies. We have achieved all of our objectives on this film and Mother Nature as well as our film crew along with the nautilus explorer crew made it all possible. The boat was great, the crew was exceptional and the divemasters were the best. Thanks to all. Oh yeah, the food was excellent too, special thanks to Carmen who waited on us at all times and I‚m kept with one question, where does Tigre get his name??? Keep your eyes open for the Imax great white film coming out in about eight months.
Dave (line producer of the film).
Excellentisimo on all points. I’ve been out to Guadalupe four times so far we were here to film sequences for the great white shark Imax three d film, I am the co-producer and director of photography for the film we had an amazing three days, plenty of sharks, big and small the boat has an excellent platform for filming and the crew is a first class crew that made our job easy.
Thanks to all
Hi, my name is Kennedy, I‚m ten, DJ is my dad. I saw sharks for the first time and they were awesome. Also, I dressed as a shark for Halloween and Carmen let me be her helper for the trip. They had amazing food I got a giant cookie.
Kennedy (10 years old).
Three days filming at Guadalupe on the nautilus, Imax movie great white sharks three d, fantastic crew, brilliant service, wonderful great white sharks.
Luke (director of film).

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