The service on the Nautilus Explorer is unbelievable! – Guadalupe, November 1st, 2012

The service on the Nautilus Explorer is unbelievable, being out at sea, the hostess is so nice, and this is a luxury hotel on the water!!!! I saw great white sharks from the upper deck and they swam all around the boat, it was just kinda amazing the immense size and how smoothly they swim.
John P.
Day one, I was sooooo seasick I thought I was gonna die in a word, death!! After that, I saw two sharks, I was busy working, once we weighed anchor, I was fine and everything was great and the food was fantastic by the way, the rice, the veggies ohhh, and I love the seals, the little seal guy that came up and played with the cage, he was so cute and playful and fun, that was my favourite part
Just when I thought I wasn‚t gonna eat because I was working and running around with the camera crew, Tigre came out of nowhere with a plate of delicious plate of food for me… thanks tigre I was relieved when the sharks came around, around noon, but I was really happy we got a few of them because if you wanna film sharks you gotta have sharks it was my first great white today, been diving for forty years and it‚s a first.
James n.
Hi, I‚m Dave, I’m one of the producers of the film we are filming it‚s a big rock so we were hoping to get a sunset shot of the island, beautiful orange late sunlight, instead we encountered a mysterious mist that looked just as great, and we got the shot, with great zig-zagging by captain Tim in and out of the fog bank. Today was a great day for the divers and the camera crew with the help of the nautilus crew and we’re looking forward to another great day tomorrow.  I saw a number of sharks today, beautiful, majestic, formidable sharks I‚m not a diver but I’m gonna try tomorrow even for a little, I have to see a Guadalupe shark in the cage in the water.
Dave m.
Hi, I‚m chief engineer Larry, also known as shredder, had a great experience today helping out the imax film crews with moving equipment and setting up equipment it’s not every day I get to sling around suuuuuuper expensive imax 3-d cameras with my crane… sharks looked awesome in the water today, and waiting for a reappearance of the shark shredder (where I get my nickname) himself!! Great bunch of people to work with too for sure.. ˆ
Larry, chief engineer

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