Captain's log. the most fun you can have with your swim suit on. San Benitos Island

COMBO TRIP  Part 2 : After departing from Guadalupe we steamed east 150 NM to the Mexican island group of San Benitos and Cedros Island. We come to these Island only a handfull of times per year tho I wish it were more. The diving here is what can be descibed as “The most fun you can have with your swin suit still on !!!!!  Imagine 40 sealions doging this way and that, blowing bubbles, pulling fins, trying to sneak up behind you, their big round eyes staring at your for a fleating second before they dart away efortlessly, each and everydiver who came back onboard had a big smile on their face asking Please can we do it AGAIN !! Please !  I have sucsefully turned a full boat of very experianced divers from Germany and Austria into grinning children. Thanks You Cedros and benitos.  see you again next year !!!

By Nautilus Staff

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