Fantastic because if i will tell anybody at home that we did three or four dives a day and every time we were in the water we see giant mantas, dolphins, whale shark , two or three times during the dive, and when we go out of the water we see Carmen with a smile, no one will believe it. And when you are getting your gear off you look out in the blue, and you see the whale shark in the surface. Mantas in the surface and dolphins. And at night we get a great dinner and we go to bed with a great smile. -Pedro from Austria

-Roca partidaRoca partida-20121123-IMG_1643November 23, 2012Joel Ibarra-2
My first dive at Cabo Pierce on Socorro Island. Almost immediately there was a huge manta, gracefully soaring overhead which stayed with us and then suddenly my divemaster pointed at a shark a hammerhead, so near. I’ve never seen one in the water before.  And then a whale shark came into view, beautiful, moving slowly towards us and then circled around and came nearer. I’m so privileged to be there next to this serene beautiful huge fish.  The next dive at Cabo Pierce we dropped down into the water to be met by huge mantas, how many I don t know, but they just kept soaring and circling around us for the whole dive, coming in close, so very close but without any threat.  And then four dolphins came in to play with us too, laughing and dancing around.   It has been a truly amazing day. Thank you so much Nautilus Explorer crew for helping me to have such a brilliant unforgettable diving experience.
Gloria (London).

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