Captain's Log – where does the time go?? it just flies away..

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We are three-quarters of the way through this Socorro trip. Where does the time go. I know it feels that way for the guests on board, but for the crew time just flies as well. We have already had some great dive days on this trip, but today will be a hard one to repeat.
It started this morning with a clear sunny sky, almost no wind, and seas that were unusually small. Add to that a first dive with a large group of Dolphins, giant mantas that simply circled in and out the whole dive each taking turns at the cleaning station. It was like jets landing with no traffic controller, Mantas from the left, mantas from the right, mantas overtop and even mantas going under and slowly drifting along. It was clear the mantas were seeking the interaction with us. It was like this all day long 4 or five mantas in sight all the time. You could hardly move away without seeing another manta moving in from the Lava finger. Four Fabulous dive, with excellent conditions, makes it a hard day to repeat but our guests will carry this day in their memory for a long time.
We have one woman on the trip who has travelled to other areas of the world to see Mantas and she came here because she saw none elsewhere. It is fun to say we have helped her to fulfil one of her goals in life. She has gone from wanting to valuing the experience. From just wanting to see one to connecting with it, looking one in the eye(s) to showing the ultimate respect and restraint when one decided to almost park on her head. She said it took all her control to not sneak her hand up and touch it. Her dream came true this trip and the crew feels happy to help her get there.
Get out there and dive but Dive Safe!
Captain Al Spilde

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