Captain's log : It's great to be back on board the Nautilus Explorer after being away for almost 5 years.

Socorro Island has been getting rain and are exploding with green vegetation. I took three divers who were sitting out a dive on a shore line tour in Pituca. We went up close to the lava flow at cabo Pierce, Socorro. the solid lave flow is amazing with frozen drops of rock and solidified streamers that were bubbling when they became solid.
The guests on board have been raving about the mantas, sharks and dolphins that they have seen underwater. Even with the reduced viz due to the rain, the wildlife has been coming close to check them out.
We saw a humpback in the distance. Kevin our FIrst Mate insists he saw a turtle raise it’s head up twice and take a breath but we tell him it was a lost fish.
It’s great to see old friends, Silvia our always up-beat hostess and enrique the chef who consistently makes delicious meals.
Bob the engineer is back for a few trips, He is able to fix anything and has amazing stories from his Navy years and “old-school” diving.
The rest of the crew are onboard for the long term and they make running the operation look so smooth. There have been some changes to the operation that make things even better than when I used to work onboard full-time.. We now have 2 inflatables along with Pituca our aluminum boat for diver pickup and dropoffs. The sun deck is bigger and the shipyard did a fantastic job with the 2 new upper cabins. It’s a real pleasure to be back onboard and I hope to come back for more relief trips this year if Captains Gordon and Al will let me!!
Captain Dave

By Nautilus Staff

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