Out of the blue I saw a huge hammerhead shark.. and then a 14 foot tiger shark. Divers were in shock. I said hell yeah I'm ok!

We left Cabo San Lucas thought the weather was going to be choppy but so far it was a smooth crossing.  I love the stabilized ride on the Nautilus Explorer .Arrive at the checkout dive site call the Canyon it was so nice we started early in the morning everyone was ready to go so we headed off . We just end up right at a white tip shark colony I counted about 13 they were all in line up I look like being at a parking lot . As we surface the mantas were on top of the surface showing there back well we had to go snorkelling we had the mantas just circling around us as the snorkelers took pictures. What a way to start the trip the Just couldn‚t wait for the next dive. The rest of the day we stayed at the canyon we were at the cleaning station just hanging out just looking out into the blue all of a sudden I saw a huge hammerhead shark coming straight up toward us as we enjoy the seen. Well as I keep looking out at the blue as a 12 to 14 foot tiger shark was fallowing the hammerhead it got about 8 feet from where I was the divers were so shock that when I got back on the bout they ask me I was ok I said hell yea .it was my turn to ask for me to see the footage. All what I got was a big no they were too busy looking at as it just made one circle and then left that was so awesome . That was the first day now we headed to Socorro Island to the manta city well so said so done mantas, dolphin, hammerhead, and silky sharks also .We are at San Benedicto we saw the tiger again just cruising in the blue and the hammerhead just swimming into the currant on their sides nice so far .Well we shall see what Roca partida have for us.
DM Juan the Only One

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