Great diving, great food, time with close friends and a terrific crew that never stops smiling or remembering how to have fun!

Socorro cruise Nautilus Eplorer

Tacos and Mantas
So, I am floating at eye level with a cleaning station that looks as if it services both Mantas and Hammerheads.  Both the magic angel fish and the barber fish are in formation, shop is open, the doctor is in.  While I patiently waited for the mantas to show up, I found myself dreaming of Juan Carlos’ tacos.  Rewind ten minutes: as we were suiting up to head out for the dive, he was busy at the barbie overlooking the dive deck, carefully turning steak for our lunch- big Tom Selleck smile on his face.  The smell made it hard to concentrate on getting my kit on for the dive. Back to the present: while I cradled my camera and gazed into the blue, I knew the salsa was being laid out, the tortillas were being heated and the freshly marinated and grilled flank steak was being carved to make the perfect filling.  I quickly got back on the job as six mantas showed up and it was game on for the next 40 mins.  A few hundred frames, a manta sombrero or two, a quick trip back to the Nautilus Explorer, warm shower and my head was in the trough. I ate until I could not stand up. What diet? Juan Carlos is an awesome cook.  We don’t have great Mexican food in Australia- so it is a special treat to have Juan Carlos working the pans in the kitchen.  It is great to have such a good cook on this trip. One of our group is vegan and he has done wonders for her too.  Great diving, great food, time with close friends and a terrific crew that never stops smiling or remembering how to have fun! Adios from Socorro Island Mexico.
– Matt, Sydney Australia
Special dive mileage days
So being very mature I did my utmost in Sydney (Australia) to clock up the dives so I could have my special one upcoming dive count mileage dive in Socorro. On the day, today, I got exactly what I wanted. First in the water, dive to a spot I’d spotted my tiger shark from the day before and waited. Before too long a hammer cruises past on his way to the cleaning station. Cause I was slightly hidden when he came back he decided to eyeball me. Love your work Socorro. After lots of fish and chilling, I’m the last up the line. First one in, last one out. Just the way I like it. Then I get my own boat ride back, arrive on the dive deck to be  picked up (and very unelegantly) thrown in the water by the lovely Peter as a dive mileage celebration its really hard to kick without fins. Thanks guys (and ladies) it was great!
-Victoria, Sydney Australia

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