The water temp is 73 F not too bad, even if it's cold for me, when the whales appear the cold disappears! Best whale encounter that I have ever experienced.

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Here I am back on the go to the best whale encounter that I have ever have experienced . We did our check out at San Benedicto and were just getting everyone ready for the best whale encounter. We started early this morning just to see on the horizon the big blow of the whales all over the place the one that we were looking for was the Mom and the baby. Not too far from where we were going to start off they were just staying in one spot .Well we got in but we started to see a lot of shark like 50 Galapagos, Hammerhead, Silver tip, and White tips just hanging out. We did about a half a turn of the rock and there the mom and the baby just hang at about 30 feet and the visibility is about 80-100 plus… what a good sight to take picture and video of ! Well I dont have the big rigs but my little go pro perfect for the whale I got some real nice video about 15 min we had the whale for 45 min and I left them there. I had enough for today I am looking forward to see what we have for tomorrow, although it is hard to top today. But could never know what we will find out there in a wide open ocean. The water temp is 73 F not too bad, even if it’s cold for me, when the whales appear the cold disappears! Anyway I will keep you all posted on the coming days .
-DM Juan the Only One
I said 3 times today I just cant get any better than this, and it did get better every time, and is all about these Humpback whales, saw them underwater the 4 dives today and the last dive of the day we did 35 minutes with them. They just like to be there with the divers and right on the north point of Roca Partida!!  There are not too many words to describe this experience but I will send some pictures  soon to go with this blog!! Again these moments are just the closes thing to be with my wife and daughter.
Water temp                        24C
Vis                                      +25mts
Air temp                              35C
-Joel IHO

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