Particularly today, a dream came true for me. I’ve never had such a magical experience

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The last diving day on the Nautilus Explorer before we are going back to Cabos later this evening. It was an excellent dive trip which we would never forget! Particularly today, a dream came true for me. Sabrina, Max and me was on a whale snorkelling trip while the other guests were diving. We were so lucky  we had four very, very close encounters with the whales and its calves. I couldnt breath when I saw them so close to us!! I’ve never had such a magical experience so far thank you so much Max, I will never forget this moment!!
Finally, what can we say about the vessel and the whole crew?
Gordon our captain: very competent, professional and always smiling!
Max, the allrounder: a very nice, polite and helpful  young man with a big smile on his face!
Sandy, soon also a captain: also very cheer- and helpful, the best bartender so far and of course also very professional like all others!
Larry, the engineer: always a great sense of humour and actually the best mechanic all over the world!
Adolfo and Silvia, the hosts: very charming, always giving a hand and also very helpful. Just our angels: dont be shy!
Juan-Carlos, our chef: what a great food  we are going fat on this vessel and our wetsuit getting smaller and smaller.
And of course our dive guides. They have shown us really everything under water; both have also a great sense of humour and every time a helping hand. Thank you for all this awesome dives!! DONT GO BLUE!!
We will miss you guys and thank you for all you have done for us!
Ursula & Roger, the Swiss
21  03  2013
1.TG Boiler
Ausser den ueblichen Verdaechtigen konnten die meissten von uns eine ganze Zeit lang zwei Delfine beobachten.
Die beiden zeigten uns das nicht nur Katzen mit ihrem Essen spielen, wenn sie nicht hungrig sind. Erstaunlich war es zu sehen wie die Tiere jeweils einen Fisch aus dem Schwarm separierten und diesen dann, scheinbar gemuetlich vor sich her treibend, auch nicht verloren wenn er zurueck in den Schwarm schwamm.
Etwas spaeter stellten sich die 2 dann geduldig als Model zur Verfuegung.
Der Boiler verabschiedet uns heute leider ohne seine beruehmten, interaktiven Mantas praesentiert zu haben. Akustisch kamen wir aber heute alle noch einmal voll auf unsere Kosten!! Der Walgesang begleitete uns bei jedem Tauchgang.

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