Quite a start for our stay in these marvelous islands. A manta played with us more than us with it

Peter Schalkwijk-2204w

My first giant manta, and closer than ever. It truly seeked interaction. What an experience. -g
After a day of crossing during which the crew managed to keep us busy throughout the day (eating -very well-being part of it) we arrived in San Benedicto, welcomed by 2 pods of bottlenose dolphins and distant humpback whales splashing. During the second dive, a manta played with us more than us with it, enjoying its bubble bath during 20mn. During the last one, a hammerhead came to check us out. Quite a start for our stay in these marvelous islands.
The crossing was very peaceful and I slept like a baby. The two dives I made today were great, specially the second with the manta staying with us during most of our dive. Now its 7.30 and Im hungry  so, lets see what there is to eat.
Sylvia B.

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