Today was simply magic. We got to see a mother and calf humpback whale next to each other, touching.

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A whole trip in one day: snorkelling with whales, diving with mantas and dolphins. Everything is possible at Socorro.
– G
We are starting to know the dive site, but the whales, dolphins, giant mantas and hammerhead sharks really don’t get any old. Again a marvellous time on the Nautilus today
– Nicolas
Everything is possible at Socorro. Our first dive today had it: Hammerhead, Manta, Dolphins at an arm length and humpback whales. All in one day. Thank you Socorro.
– G
Today was truly a superb and amazing day: we saw hammerhead sharks while diving (and a dolphin that surprised one away), a manta ray turning around us, making eye contact with everyone, and in the afternoon, we went whale watching. And this was simply magic. The mother and calf were next to one another, touching mouths, and the baby waited for all the snorkelers to gather above them before slowly reaching the surface. It did so 3 times in a row, and in the meantime played on the surface, turning around, splashing fins and exercising breaching. A day that will stay in my memory.
– Nicolas
Today was really a great day. In the morning one Manta very close and calm for 20 Minutes and made circles over my head. In the afternoon we did snorkelling with whales. We had two dives in 8 meters and saw a baby whale and her mother for 5 minutes without movement. Then the baby whale moved to the surface and the mother followed. This experience I will not miss.
– Angela

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