diving Socorro Island without blowing any bubbles…

rebreather diver
We were privileged to host a full charter of rebreather divers this winter.  It was a pleasure. The animal behaviour around the closed circuit rebreathers was quite different than usual. Divers saw giant mantas and dolphins of course.  Whale sharks. And lots of sharks some of whom came in very close. One guest commented that he felt the need to blow the occasional bubble to keep the sharkies at a safe distance on a couple of occasions. My personal theory is that sharks sense and are intrigued by  the electrical current in the circuitry of rebreathers.  They know something is going on and come in close to assess further.   We know that sharks are generally wary of bubbles and keep their distance  (I have had some very CLOSE encounters with galapagos sharks while free diving at Socorro and I’ve always felt it was because free divers are ….   stealthy)..    Very interesting to see different behaviour around rebreather divers.   We hope you enjoy the following outstanding video by our friend Johnny Friday.
Safe diving.
-Captain Mike

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vorrei partecipare ad un’esperienza con voi,se volete datemi :
ho il rebreather

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