We saw tunas over 500 hundred pounds. My dive buddy Willy and I asked the Captain if we could stay at Roca Partida for another week..

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After one day at San Benedicto Island and three amazing days at Roca Partida the fish & trips group is heading to Socorro tonight. Until now our group got the chance to dive with tons of fish like tunas,  jacks, barracudas, wahoos and many other species. On blue water drifts we saw schooling fish and single predators hunting very exciting! And at the Roca itself the balconies with whitetip sharks resting on top of each other are as fascinating as silvertips and silkies cruising around north and south corner where the cleaning stations are located. Not to forget the countless cute & curious porky-pone fish. At dawn tunas and jacks started hunting and once in awhile a Galapagos shark passed by. And far out in the blue we saw the shades of big schools of scalloped hammerheads, what an amazing place!
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Once again we depart from roca partida, I asked the captain if we could stay there for another week, it was a joke cuz this is a twelve day trip and that would be the whole trip, but I had to try.  It was very good, I cant use words like ‘fantabuloso’ or ‘excellentisimo’ cuz then my dive buddy Willy would accuse me of exaggerating like always (Haaaa) we saw tunas on the last dive that must have been over five hundred pounds and I called them HUGE and Willy said that some tunas in the world would make that one a baby (haaaa) I have a great raport with my dive buddy Willy (anyways, now that we are exaggerating, lets send a quick message out to my girl Jo and tell her how much we miss her [mamasita, I miss yu like the desert miss the rain, I love you like a fat kid loves cake, I wait for you like the dawn waits for the sunrise, I wait for you like the night waits for the sunset, I think about you like a tuna thinks about a yummy bunch of bait fishes, I wish to wrap my arms around you like an octopus grabs it around the crab, I wish to steal you away for myself like the frigate birds stealin the food from the boobies, I have all the blue of the great blue oceans but it is not to compare with the wondorous blues of your blue eyes, when I come out from diving seventy two minutes dives four times a day with my buddy I am a bit cold wishing to have a snuggle bunny buddy snuggle time with you to warm me up because you are the radiator of my heater, and my dive buddy Willy wishes to tell you that he appreciate me and this make you to appreciate me also, and allllso, we choose the color purple on the new nautilus lifeline we purchased because it is the favourite color of my rooooostie boooooobie and I sign off with a wink and a kiss on your cheek!!! ]

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