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Ok, back out to Socorro Island on the Nautilus Explorer with a whole new group of divers.  Sometimes we get good groups, sometimes we get great groups, and then sometimes we get super fantabuloso groups of divers, and this group is a suuuuper fantabuloso group.  Excellent positive attitudes for everyone, not a single sour apple in the entire group!!!  What a pleasure to dive and interact with this group, and this is sincere.  This makes for a very pleasant environment and the dives work better also for this, the ocean feels the positive vibes and she responds.   The last dive of the day today was the best dive I have had in at least six months we saw one manta briefly, but what I enjoyed most was the extremely good visibility and stillness with the blue of the light before sunset coming down through the water a stillness and calm and beauty I have not felt in quite some time. My name is Tigre, I am known to look for excitement and thrill, big animals but I can also appreciate the calm with excellent company and good vibes truly a joy and pleasure to be here with these folks. Thanks to them and to my jo back home who was with me in spirit (mama, te quiero muchisimo miiiiil, mis dos mamas, mi mamasita y ma!! )
– Tigre (divemaster).
I found myself surrounded by wonderful Europeans in a blue paradise. Engulfed by the beautiful sea life that the mexican pacific has to offer!! All of the guests had their massive cameras and eyes wide open to capture the beautiful scenery on this sunny, sunny day. The first two dives where great! But both could not compete with the third. We were visited by a wandering hammerhead shark who decided to pop in to say hi! Though he was there only momentarily it proved to be a great start to kick off the calm and relaxing final dive.  I am delighted to say that the guests and crew have already clicked and have shown a strong diving bond already! I am filled with excitement for the days to come! Who knows what adventures lay ahead for the Nautilus Explorer and company!!!
– Colten  (divemaster)

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