The sea conditions enroute to Socorro Island was like a lake and we enjoyed every bit of it

roca partida 4
I am back on the nautilus explorer enroute to socorro island the weather was calm all the way . On the way we encounter o pod off dolphins i would say there were like 100 plus .We arrive to our first stop we got the guest all ready to go do our check out dive the sea condition was like lake we enjoy every bit of it . We went down and saw a hammerhead shark at cleaning station and just cruise pass us like we were not there what a way to start the trip and for a check out dive . Next day we headed to the boiler and the giant mantas were there we had a show had and had a close encounter for like 30 min .Now we are at a dive site call Cabo Pearce so we will see what is awaiting us well i will keep you all inform .
– DM Juan
Good to be back at work. Enjoying nice temperatures and fair weather in the Pacific.  Great visibility on our dive sites. Yesterdays dives ended with giant Mantas and started with occasional hammerheads on the first “Check Out Dives”.  Today we had dolphins and large schools of rainbow runners and Jacks as well as many other rife fish.  Picking up happy guest was the best part of my day.  You don’t need to speak the same language to tell how good a dive was.
– First Mate, Waldie.

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