Hardworking Nautilus Explorer crew hitting annual refit 2013

We all look forward to July with bated breath on the Nautilus Explorer because… it’s time for our annual shipyard refit.   Well actually, “bated breath” may be a bit of an overstatement.  It’s more like enduring going to the dentist knowing you will come out with sparkling clean and shiny teeth. Refit has been in planning stage since January and now it’s “boots on the ground” with hard working crew shown below plus Shaun (who was busy unloading 11 skids of material off an 18 wheel highway truck) and Jill and Mary Anne in Vancouver.  Not shown are our friends from Transport Canada, the hardworking crew in the shipyard and all our sub-trades.   Big thank you to everyone.   Pictured below is the main salon in the process of remodeling with new audio visual – big screen tv –  surround sound and stereo – new fire rated approved carpet – new fire rated wall-board and beautiful new artwork with tremendous thanks to Ernie Brooks for his very kind supply and donation of one-of-a-kind beautiful images.
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