Our beautiful Nautilus Explorer gets a haircut!

No, our hull is not that rusty!!  It just looks that way.    A strong maintenance program requires staying well ahead of problems and taking action proactively before you really need to.  We are very proud of our beautiful Nautilus Explorer.  She is a steel boat which ensures safety,  strength and very good sea-keeping and stability in open ocean.  The downside is that steel rusts.  That’s how it is.  Aluminum and fiberglass look pretty.  Steel is much stronger but  always rusting..  So we keep the Explorer on a continuous program of hydroblasting (blasting the steel with high pressure water at 5000 + PSI), rust prevention and robust paint process using epoxy and aliphatic eurathanes.  If you look closely at the hull, you will see that the paint has been completely stripped off leaving a light “bloom” of surface rust from the hydroblasting.  The bloom will then be removed by acid and coated with  24 mm of epoxy.  The result equals a beautiful shiny Explorer for many years to come.   Note the Solmar V in the background receiving much the same treatment.    Safe diving.
– Captain Mike

By Nautilus Staff

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