Big thank you to the Mexican Navy

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Socorro Island in the Revillagigedo Archipelago is a jewel in the eastern Pacific ocean.  The islands are a protected marine biosphere that are a virtual aquatic Garden of Eden for both reef and pelagic critters including our favourite sharks, giant manta rays, dolphins, tuna and humpback whales.   Sure it’s frustrating when we see sport fishing boats representing themselves as having permission to fish in the islands.  They don’t!   What they are doing is illegal.  These sport fishing guys are advertising and promoting something that just isn’t true and we wish they would leave our marine friends in peace.   But overall, the vigilance and enforcement and protection of the islands has been massively stepped up by the Mexican Navy over the last 4 years.  We have seen huge changes all for the better with great appreciation to the Navy for the job they do.   We try to show our appreciation in every way we can and wrapped up this year’s season in Socorro with the presentation to the commandant at the Socorro Navy base of a plaque expressing our sentiments.    Muchas gracias.
– Captain Mike

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