The sea lion kept teasing the great white shark. His agility was amazing. The great white got visibly frustrated!! Guadalupe Island – August 6, 2013.

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The great white  shark and seal lion playing together were amazing!! The seal lion’s agility always won with the shark getting visibly frustrated. I saw sharks on every dive today with close encounters every 10-15 min. A great dive experience. The only disappointment is today is the last day!
– Alex
Shark action at Guadalupe Island was awesome today! But my main highlight was seeing a pelagic Mola Mola!
– Ben
We were lucky today that our chin strap shark decided to spend the day with us, he was the only shark we saw today until the last dive when a different shark came in for our grand finale dive. Conditions were beautiful all three days.  We are sad to have to leave, but what an amazing experience this has been on the Nautilus Explorer!
– Darlene

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