UNREAL!!!!! 2-3 large great white sharks a dive! Right up close and personal only 1 foot away on top of the cages viewing us from every angle.

michael valos 4 w
Best dive of my life! Tv and pictures really do no justice to the awe inspiring sight of a Guadalupe Island Great white shark only a foot away from you! Weather has been perfect, fun group couldn’t ask for more!
What a GREAT first day!! From great whites right under the bottom of the cage to smiling for the camera to last minute turns after long, graceful head-on game of chicken. Saw sharks on every dive except the first of the morning and usually 2 per dive. Even a playful sea lion got in on the fun!
– Alex
This is such an amazing experience! Three different great whites that stayed with all day!  Unbelievable! A couple years ago we did a cage dive in South Australia, where they baited and wrangled the sharks hitting the cage, and showing off the more aggressive nature of the sharks feeding behavior. I much prefer the respectful approach of the Nautilus Explorer. We were able to spend many hours observing them, whereas in Australia we would see them for a brief moment and they were gone.  Kudos NE!
– Darlene
First day and saw several sharks!  Amazing day!! Everyone saw a shark multiple times.  The highlight was seeing one of the sea lions chasing the big male, must have been a young male sea lion, taunting the shark, but it made great photos!  If this is what we got on the first day, I can’t wait until tomorrow.  Cameras are charging so there is no excuse for getting great photos!
–  Don
Adventurous first day with an easy start and exciting lunch time with 3 big favorites and one continuous curious one. Great time with the awesome crew and snapping away some sweat shots. Super surprise to see the great whites so close to the cage as they circled at eye level, overall very satisfying feel swimming with these giants. The safety of measures and great crew made us feel safe and prepared for the encounters.
– Marco
Awesome beginning of this trip with 2 guys interacting around us all day, so just imagine how many batteries and memory cards was changed!!
This males was modeling and looking to know us better because in each pass was closer and closer, plus our local friend since last season, Toro – the young sea lion join us from before sunrise till almost end of the day playing with this sharks and our guest’/s!!
– DM J.J.
So happy to see people enjoying their time onboard, getting so exciting when they see the sharks, sharing their personal histories and experiences with them. Amazing day!!!!!!! Great people, beautiful sharks!!!!!
– Hostess Silvia : )
Well, where do I start? Great food, great people, or FANTASTIC sharks, (oh wait, or a nice bed)? I think ill start with the sharks. I never thought it could be better.  To experience our worlds greatest predators face to face is mind boggling, and with the security of the cage makes it all the more better.  All I can think of now is∑ hows next year gonna be =).
-Ben H

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