Diving with these great white sharks has changed the way I think about myself, the world and what gives life meaning.

michael valos 6w
When friends heard that I will dive with great white sharks they were wondering how safe that was. Well I was surprised not only by how safe it is but by the elegant predator. We onboard all look forward to the moment when they come really close and love every dive. Would definitely recommend it to all scuba divers.
– Jason Lambos
I always wondered what the attraction was.  Many marine biologists seem to have a burning passion for these animals.  Now I know.  When you have been close to these enigmatic animals, going about their mysterious business, you can’t help but start asking: Why do they do that? What are they doing? Where are they going?  Once you’ve seen them face-to-face you will never forget them, and you will forever wonder about the secret lives of these majestic giants.  Meeting the great whites of Guadalupe Island on the Nautilus Explorer has changed the way I think about myself, the world, and its inhabitants, and that is the stuff that gives life meaning. This trip gave me a huge dose of that stuff!
– Marcus Merrin
It’s an interesting feeling when you realize creatures that consider you potential food are observing you.  They circle the cages looking for an opportunity to take a bite and occasionally try to get in for a taste of H. sapiens.   I wonder if we taste good?
– Steve Young
This being our first trip to Guadalupe, we contemplated our ability to entertain ourselves in the cage for four days.  To our delight, each visit to the cage was more exciting than the last.  It started with a mere sighting, than some circling and a bump.   Cannot wait to see what more dives hold!!
– Paul & Jennifer Whittaker

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