We had 5 great white sharks around us at one point this morning like a pack of wolves coming straight in towards me.

So far I have been having a blast with the great white sharks. I started off the season just to have the island for ourselves. It is just one of those thing that you would say ‘I just want to do it just to say I have done it’ . Trust me this is my third season and I feel like it is the first time seeing the greats . Every time I go down it is always something different on the reaction of the big beast. Today we got to see 5 at one time they were around us like a pack of wolves, at that point, I would have liked to have an owl head so that I could stay in one spot and just rotate my head 360 degrees. The vis was 100 plus so we could look out into the blue and just watch the shadow of the sharks coming straight towards us . We had a lots of what I would call eye to eye contact, that is way cool to get to do that. So far we had 4 days of excellent shows with the great whites now we are heading to San Benitos where we will be doing some kelp diving and diving with the sea lions. Well that’s all I have to say for right now I will keep you all posted.
– Juan The Only One

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