Tonight we have a full moon and the sky is full of stars. I love Guadalupe Island and the amazing great white sharks!

First dive at 8:00 am: only blue ocean. The second turned out to be good, 2 great white sharks staying at 5m from the cages. 3rd dive was more exciting, they were very curious and came right to the cage. Perfect for shooting some Colgate ads to show their teeth.
– Achim, Lake Geneva- Switzerland
Today we had a quiet start but after a while 2 guys  came to say hi showing  us how magnificent the whites are. A bit shy today but for sure in the next days these sharks will be more confident and we hope we will get awesome close ups!!!!
– DM J.J.
Ons het vanoggend vroeg begin duik. Die eerste groep was ongelukkig en het geen haaie gesien nie. Van die tweede groep aan het dit baie beter gegaan. Twee wit meneere het hulle aan ons kom wys en die aksie was aan die gang. Party van hulle het binne n paar meters van ons gekom. Die grasie was iets om te bewonder. Ons kan nie wag vir nog n dag more nie. Die Nautilus Explorer is die beste. Nog n blog sal more volg.
– Andre Horne, Kaapstad.
Water temp 70 degrees, sea calm. 2:15 pm dive spectacular with a great white spending 20 minutes circling within a foot of the cages. Amazing photo opportunity!
– Scott, Philadelphia, Pa., USA
Glad to be back one more trip to Lupita(Guadalupe), We have a really nice and friendly group of people..some of them I know already from previous trips. It was a sunny and beautiful day and tonight we have a full moon and the sky full of stars. I love the Island and their sharks..
– Silvia,  Hostess

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