Guest blog : Today we are blessed with great shows from four or five great white sharks in these shark infested waters…

I am back on board from my time off . We arrive at about 5:30 this morning I was up from 5:00 I was excited to see what was going on. We got everything ready to go by 6:15 and the cages were open at 6:30 . We had one guest that was here before, this is his 3rd trip it is that good. I went on the first round, it was a little slow but I love just being in the water. It was the first dive so I expected that on the 2nd dive Mr white would show up, it was more than a wow to see the reaction of the guest as I pointed out the great white. Some people just cant believe that the great white can grow so big and to be able to see there teeth that close. It just make me feel like there is no other home without water and great white sharks. I am excited for tomorrow, like how we will be there for two more days and it always get hotter than fire. I will keep you all posted.
– Juan the only one divemaster
Hola Naughty lass!
First day of the trip an,d as always, living up to the anticipation and excitement of jumping off a perfectly safe boat, into Shark infested waters!
Not just any waters, but the beautifully clear waters of Guadalupe. Not just any sharks, but it’s the Tiburon Blanco! Yeee Haaa!
Today we where blessed with some great shows from four or five great white sharks.
Fantastic as always! Looking forward to tomorrows fun.
Day two – Even better than the first is an understatement! The many sharks were very active today with some great photos and video being taken ALL DAY!!
Day three still to come!
Would like to say a special thank you to all the crew and team for the impeccable service and for putting us in the right place/mood and time for our mission, to Cage dive with great White Sharks. Awesome.
Many thanks,
– Josh and Laura

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