We thought the great white sharks would be aggressive and frenzied eating machines and relentless. We were wrong!


Powerful Giants
I have dreamed of going great white shark cage diving since I was a kid and now at age 50, my dream has come true.  I have shared my love and awe of the great whites with my daughter, Mari, who for a number of years has been equally inspired to go.  After a bit of research and recommendation from a pro-photographer new friend, Scott Davis, we booked our trip on the Nautilus Explorer.  Each day we did 3-4 dives with the giants and each dive we said “could it get any better?”   Of course, we had certain preconceived notions about the sharks such as aggressiveness, shark frenzies, “eating machines” and relentlessness.   From the first dive, we realized we were wrong.  These are powerful, yet gentle giants who amazed us every dive.   The ship and crew of the Nautilus were absolutely fantastic catering to our every need from delicious food to helping us make the most of our dives.   Some back home said we were crazy to do this trip.   I say, you are crazy not to.    I loved it.   Achievement unlocked!
– Dave Fester

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