Dive report from Divemaster JJ – Guadalupe great white sharks

Surface cages open  at o630 –  first dive 0710 and last dive at 1800, closed at 1830.
Submersibles cages opened at 0750. Almost everyone had 3 dives except one guest that choose to do only 2. Cages closed at 17 00
Temp: Almost all day it was at 70 degrees; just the last 2 dives it was around 67 degrees.
Vis: The worst was at 100 ft because almost all day we were seeing the bulb from the hull, so more often it was 130 ft.
Weather: Sunny and open skies since 6 am.
Seas: Calm
Comments: Guests were very happy and exited. As an example….divers were ready for the subersibles since 0750 and the 15 ft cage was busy all day. We had 5 different whites and one Mako long fin on the first dive, Bruce and Rudo were the stars for the day plus some juveniles. Guest are saying so far today is the best day here.
Overall: Very good day in general as we had people on the back deck all the time, 3 cages were running busy all day, we had the awesome whites plus one very cool Mako.

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