What love and passion for someone will make you want to do!

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Hola, This is Silvia from the Nautilus Explorer…
This trip was really special for me, I have been meeting a lot of people all year, but it is always nice to see people come back again. That means they like the experience and everything about the trip!
I mentioned this because on this particular trip a few of our guests have been on our trips before.
Mike and Becky from Panama have done the Guadalupe Island trip for the third year in a row, it was nice to have them onboard these past five days. We have been friends since then. Mike is so passionate about the sharks that he didn’t even take his wetsuit off…he spent his time on the dive deck waiting  just in case there was an open space to go into the submersibles ….. we even had to bring  his food to him.  He is so cute, he is like 75 years old and Becky, his wife, comes on the trips because of him. She goes in the water just once, she is a non-diver but she still enjoyed being onboard.
What Love and Passion for someone will make you want to do!!!!
– Silvia

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