What the heck is this giant tuna doing hanging out with great white sharks at Guadalupe Island

Here I am on my way back out to Guadalupe Island with the weather on our side. It has been a very good crossing so far, on the way out it was just blue. We always encourage guests to look out on the horizon to look for the whales and dolphins. On the way out we saw about a dozen whales and also, while everyone was watching the whale, I am not sure what kind of shark it was but it was chasing something on the surface. Also there was a big pod of dolphins around the whole boat, it was a moment that we had to just keep our fingers on the triggers of the cameras.
We arrive at Guadalupe about 8:30 that evening and we started to get some of the cages ready for the following day as we were doing that guess who showed up? A sea lion we call Toro. He always comes to sleep on the back deck, he started to come around last season so he must still remembers us. The sharks have been around but not as active as some days but you know what, when there are sharks every dive and all around it is like oh its a great white. I love it when we have a dive or two where we don’t see them that way when people get to see them when they come around it is like everyone just wants to jump out of there skin and can’t keep still and will pay attention to every move and place it goes. I can’t wait to to see what is awaiting us for tomorrow. I will will keep you you all posted.
– DM Juan The Only One

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