The difference between a male and female great white shark is a lot more besides just their sex organs

Female great white sharks !!  What a great combination of two gorgeous things. I would love to describe the difference between a male great white and a female great white shark but beside the sexual organs it is just the personality they impose when they show up. The females don’t play around doing a lot of displays like the males do, they show up and swim around the cage and they just leave you and the other sharks as you are. They are so nice and big. We had Lucy all day today she is looking great despite her bended tail. Bruce also showed up, Mauricio had followed him for 24 hrs since he tagged him and during those 24 hrs Bruce decided to check us out. Great start of a contract for me. Happy to be back and very excited about the rest of season for Guadalupe. On every day we had 3 or 4 different sharks!!
Thanks Maggie and Alaska for a great time off and thanks Maggie for finding my watch.
Water Temp 19 C   67F aprox
Visibility  100F plus  30mts plus
Very sunny days
Nice calms breeze every day.
Air temp  28 to 30 C   80F approx.


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