The great white shark's head rose out of the water with it's enormous mouth opening as if it was roaring at us. Everyone was screaming with excitement!

This past trip to Guadalupe was totally unreal and fun filled! The night we arrived 2 or 3 baby storm petrels flew onto the Nautilus Explorer and ended up staying with us in safe and secure boxes until we released them and  watched them fly back towards Guadalupe Island which was really cool. We had multiple great white shark encounters which kept everyone glued to the sides of their cages. One female who has a broken caudal fin, Lucy, kept making passes at the cage and showing her big white rows of teeth which made for some amazing photos! On the same day we had a huge shark, probably 15 feet long, surface to check out a clump of seaweed. Everyone on the back deck was screaming with excitement as the shark’s head rose out of the water and opened its enormous mouth as if it was roaring at us. Once its head dipped back underwater we got a full view of its pectoral and caudal fins. I love diving with great white sharks!
– Noah

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