I have been doing dive charters for 38 years and this is by far the best crew I have sailed with!

Dan Orr1w
We had a great time and a great group; I just can’t believe how the cages were full with divers, that’s to tell you all how great the action was . First day we had Lucy for the day plus two males just hanging around for the day. The second  day we had a lot more sharks plus one that was on the surface just cruising around with a sea lion. On the third day it was like we saved the best for last as the sharks were so active that we didn’t even feel like the water was cold. They just kept coming in threes around the cages and everyone was on the nobs of the cameras and it was a non-stop rodeo going on. I have seen action but I think today it was the best. Anyway I will keep you all posted for the next trip.
DM Juan
“All of the crew are phenomenal but we all know that there is one guy who we don’t see much of but he has been unbelievable! Chef Enrique!”
– Ed Stetson
“This is by far the most professional crew I have had the pleasure of sailing with, the boat looks great!”
– Art
“I have been doing this for 38 years and this is by far the best crew I have had! The are always attentive!”
– Bill Mitchel

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