A big female great white shark, 2 younger females and a small male instantly surrounded us. Just when I thought it couldn't get any more exciting….

The first day of my trip could not have been better! When I got in the submersible cage with Tim and Tiare, Lucy, a big female great white shark with an injured caudal fin, 2 younger females and a younger male, instantly surrounded us. We spent the entire dive turning around in circles so we might be able to catch all the action going on in front of us. Just when I thought diving with great white sharks could not get anymore exciting, I turned around and the young male was coming straight towards us with his jaws fully open! As soon as he saw my mask he turned the other direction and minded his own business. It was Tiare’s first dive with the whites and she was clinging to my arm with a death grip out of pure excitement which totally reminded me of my first time seeing a white underwater!
– Noah, Deckhand

By Nautilus Staff

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