My heart was beating so hard I could feel it in all my body. I finished my dive so happy. More happy than I could have imagined..

Hello! I’m Karin, the girlfriend of Captain Gordon. I came from Peru for this trip. Today I woke up really early with a beautiful morning and since the first minute I was awake I was so excited for have my first cage dive. So finally at 1130 I jumped into the cage and I saw two male great white sharks! Not so close, but was amazing, was so amazing that I can’t explain the feeling that I had. I just remember my heart was beating so hard that I can feel it in all my body. I wanted to scream but of course I had the regulator in my mouth.
I finish my dive so happy, more happy than I imagine. Then later in the afternoon I was just relaxing when Gordon said “there’s a big female!”. So I just put a mask on and jumped into the cage, and this time the shark was so so close to the cage that I feel so so petite. It was great! I came out of the cage without a wetsuit, so cold but so happy. Was a great day, a great first time with the sharks and a great way to start the dive for this trip. Let’s see what happening tomorrow!
For my mamita: Hello chinita! I’m thinking of you every minute. I love you.
PS Captain Gordon is the best! of course he is my boyfriend haha, and all the crew is so friendly and amazing they made me laugh a lot and help me a lot too.
Karin Ruiz, Peru

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