Great white sharks are back!! Update from the Nautilus Explorer

Bernard Campoli5w
Pheewwww.   One day aberration and a lot of needless worrying at our end.  The great white sharks are back!!    Yaaayyyhhhhh.
Had 2 very fast male great white sharks circling the submersibles all morning.    No females though which is strange for this time of year. And very few mackerel around the boat.   I still think something odd is going on..  We will see.   The other dive boats are clustered together and anchored quite far to the south of us.  We are sticking it out at one of our closely held secret “hot” spots that has worked consistently year after year – the dive site that we call MonkeyFace.
Stay tuned.
Safe diving.
Captain Mike
Had at least one great white shark on every dive of the day so not to worried about what happened yesterday with no whities..   All the sharks were big big females. about 4 diff animals today.
Captain Tim

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