This has been one of the best dive trips that I have ever done. The trip of a lifetime that I would do again in a heart beat.

Jacqueline Paicew
Doing the great white sharks, sea lion , kelp, whale shark, mantas dolphin, school of hammerheads and the best of all was the water temp 82 F the vis 100 plus what else can i ask for . The last day we dive the boiler and we had 3 mantas just following each other they were all around the divers we didn’t have to be look for nothing else it was already to much to stay focus on one manta. The dolphins, they arrive as to say ‘I want my picture to be taken and I perform better’. They did put on a show as the divers were confused as to what to take pictures of, either mantas or dolphins, but trust me it is impossible to ignore one of the big shows. Well some people the were like ‘excuse me my camera could take video also and I will have everything live’. I was just enjoying the moments but at the same time I was laughing at how the divers were so focused on their cameras meanwhile a giant manta is above their heads. So far it have been a trip of a lifetime and I would do it again in a heart beat .Well that’s all i have to say so asta la bye bye .
– DM Juan The Only One

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