MANTAS, MANTAS, MANTAS at Socorro Island

Christian Horl13
Amazing. Absolutely beautiful! The boiler at San Benidicto is my new favorite dive site!
– Louise, UK
The day of diving I came on this trip for! (The boiler at San Benidicto) with three giant pacific manta rays!
– Peter, UK
Majestic Mantas!!
– Stuart, UK
– Christoph
Incredible service,Lovely crew, relaxing time, awesome diving!
– Yvonne, Germany
Very nice service, impressive greate white shark size! Lucky calm seas, nice weather, really really really good dive sites! We have done it before, we are doing it now and we will dive again with the Nautilus Explorer!
– Michael, Germany
Great crew. Good weather! we saw many fishes, had warm water, dove with great white sharks, dolphins, whale sharks, mantas, and much more! we crossed alot off our life list of things to do!
– Ralph, Germany
Great trip! great diving!
– Uwe, Germany

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