Roca Partida was hammerriffic!! My pictures are lousy but the memories are priceless!

Christian Horl25w
How was your dive with the mantas at the boiler?
– Fawn.

Today we had awesome day at Roca been surrounded by silky sharks, white tips sharks, silver tips, Galapagos and hammerhead sharks swam between a lot schools of jacks, tuna, black snappers, palometas and wahoo’s, so our guests were not bored for even a second! gracias Roca Partida and Nautilus Explorer!!!
– JJ

Roca Partida was amazing hammerrific!!!
– Fawn.

My pictures are lousy, but the memories are priceless!!!
– Ruud.

Is awesome day, amazing dives, seen a great school of hammerhead sharks, lot of Galapagos, some silver tips, and the water conditions was awesome!!!!
– Dennis

Rocking and good time and remember sharks are our friends not food!!!
– Matt.

The many hammerhead silhouettes were like a perfect picture from a dive magazine!
– Remko

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