After leaving the main island Socorro, having some glorious Dolphins saluting us good bye, we anchor up at Roca Partida 7 hours later.

With the Sun rising creating a spectacular swirl of pink and orange, as we have our breakfast and dive briefing, still wiping the sleep out of our eyes.  Nothing like simply waking up and being at your new dive destination, even though 80 or so miles away. The Swell at Roca partida can be on the larger side so getting in and out of the skiffs can be a little tricky, but most, and especially this group seemed to do it with absolute ease.  A little nerve racking riding the skiff only about 200 yards to our drop point being in 5-6 foot swell with a little chop, thinking that underwater is gonna be something a little messy as well.  But! conditions couldn’t have been better!  No Current what so ever with 100 plus feet of visibility!  Loads of sharks to help pop that remaining sleep out of our eyes.  White tip sharks galore!  Stacks of them, literally!  Piling up on each other, getting all cozy, and no joke, a huge Morey eel was weaselled in there as well! It was quite the sight.  Other than the white tips, a good few silver tips, some Galapagos, and a some hammers!  It was honestly rather quiet for Roca Partida, but for only the first day at Roca, I think everyone was pleased.
– DM Joel

So Many Sharks and Morey Eels! I stopped counting after 20 Morey’s!
– John

Conditions were great, beautiful, and fantastic Visibility!
– Jean

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