The Giant Mantas are taking over! Kersplunk. Right on top of 2 mantas at The Boiler!

Oh my goodness..  Okay, before I get ahead of myself, I have to mention our single day at Roca Partida, which can be quite the Grand Finale, but left us a slightly high and dry.  The Nature of the Beast as Captain Al likes to say.  Even though, decent, with lots of white tips, some galapagos, and a couple hammers, it just wasn’t the way we wanted to end off the trip.  So, we made a team decision, to make our way back to San Benedicto and the boiler for our last day since it treated us ever so nicely, to start the excursion.  Back we sailed overnight, and arose once again just atop the 150ft tall pinnacle off the sea bed. Conditions, similar to Roca, with some decent sized swell and  just a bit of chop.  Making us a little weary if we were in for another calm quite day of diving.
First dive of the morning,  KERSPLUNK. In we go. I kid you not,  right over 2 Mantas!  Oh we knew it was going to be a good one!  My heart lifting with joy that the Boiler didn’t let us down on our last day of diving!  All day long; 2,3,4 Mantas simply swarming us, seeming to put on the most amazing show you could imagine. Sticking close to the reef (as best as possible) since gazing at a Manta will draw you in and put you into a trance like state. So keeping an eye of your surroundings and placement to the reef is an must!  The Mantas not only getting cleaned and having fun doing so, but playing with each other! One Manta chasing the other, then separating, to come head on with each other and whoosh up vertically in parallel synchrocy.  Beauty at its finest.  I couldn’t be happier and more fulfilled to spend life changing moments with the guests (as a few of them said!)  All I know is everyone is going to have some pretty darned good dreams tonight, including myself!
– DM Joel

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