Water temperature still hanging at 80 degrees F + at Socorro Island. Vis 100 feet plus!

Departed Cabo San Lucas on Monday just ahead of a major security drill that was to take place with the Port Captain, Navy, and all the major vessels and marina’s in the port. The entire port was going to be shut down.  So we untied and post haste and with a timely departure we had a very comfortable trip south to San Benedicto for an arrival about 0945 at the Canyon. That is a pretty normal transit with 24 hours being the norm.
Yesterday we did a couple of dives at the canyon and last dive over towards SW Pt.  Things were a little slow at all dive sites yesterday. Saw one giant manta both dives at the canyon but only a few sharks. Not as active as we normally see it.
This morning however we moved over to the Boiler and as Gordon, the other Captain, likes to call it, we had MANTA LOVING GOING ON!!!.  Four Mantas first dive, two the second both in your face close.
So all our guests have country wide smiles today at lunch, getting ready to go back for some more this afternoon.  Water has been great still hanging in at 27C with 30 Metres vis today.
Join us for an adventure and let the mantas here at the Boiler make your day.
– Captain Al

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