Diving at the Boiler kicked ass, at least 8 different Mantas!


Our afternoon at the Boiler yesterday kicked ass. Several people said they counted at least 8 different Mantas! They were around for every dive for the entire dive! It was kind of difficult to leave and move on to our next site, this seemed like our best window for Roca Partida and we are still planning to finish at the Boiler, what a day!
We departed last night and had a very comfortable overnight transit with a 3-4′ swell and light airs all the way. Just finished our second dive of the day. We spotted galapagos and silver tip sharks as well as a school of hammerheads!  Will see how the rest of the day goes and see if guests want a day two here or to move on.
Weather here today is great, a light breeze from the west, coming around to the NW now, with a long 5′ swell from the WNW as well as a bit of a southerly swell.
– Gordon

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