looking back on our New Year's trip – there were dolphins at the window as we were having breakfast

tim nakada w
What a way to start this Socorro trip, with the calm weather and flat seas. We headed out at about 10PM from Cabo, straight to San Benedicto. I was more than excited just to see what was awaiting us for the New Year. The end of the year 2013 was excellent with the giant mantas and hammerhead sharks .
We arrived at San Benedicto at about 9:30 at night and were joined by a pod of dolphins, watching them jump in the light that they made in the water in front of the bow. We anchored and the dolphins were still right there, showing off . We were all excited to go diving the next day as the cameras went off against the dolphins, chasing flying fish.
Next morning we were all ready to rock and roll, bright and early. As we were having our continental breakfast the dolphins were all around the boat. What a way to have breakfast! We got ready with a check out dive and everyone was good and ready to look for stuff in the water. The dolphins played around us as a hammerhead cruised along the wall. As I looked up I saw that 3 mantas were above us. Dolphins, hammerhead and manta time . We headed to the boiler for more… 6 mantas there, plus dolphins on day 1. Well, can’t beat that for a first day.
Later on at Roca Partida it was calm. We saw schools of hammerheads, mantas, silkies, galapogos, and white tips.
Excellent trip so far. Will keep you all posted .
-DM Juan

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